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BL 13 | Mental Clutter
  God put a huge purpose inside of each and every one of us. Sometimes it can be daunting to
BL 12 | The Power Of The Human Spirit
  With the right mindset, will, and desire, anything is possible. Emmy-winning journalist Kristen Aldridge has worked all over the world as
BL 11 | Zone Of Genius
  Identifying your zone of genius means living your life in a purpose-driven zone. Award-winning journalist and chief business, technology,
BL 10 | Power Of The Ask
  You’ll never know until you ask. Giselle Ugarte’s cool encounter with internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk happened all because of social
BL 01 | Master Your Mindset
  A lot of times, when people aren’t mastering their mindset or trying to focus on being better, it’s because